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PON (verb, noun)

Similar to pwn, but dates back to a Warcraft guild that turned the word pwn and replaced the w with an o

1. An act of dominating an opponent.
2. Flawless victory. Schooled. Lesson taught. Owned beyond conventional words, and so excited about it
3. Abbreviation for the gaming clan Phalanx of Nod
We pon'd our opponent in that arena
by AmishMafia February 15, 2010
Nanomanagement is an extremely poor type of management where the manger not only overmanages their employees' work, but all of the employees' other tasks on a daily basis. This includes but is not limited to delegaing meaningless tasks like copy and pasting information, asking employees to send an email for them, etc.

Instead of giving employees general instructions, room to use their imagination and empowering them, a nanomanager not only assesses every step, but also assigns and manages each little task for each step.

This type of management may be motivated by but not limited to the manager's concern for details, the manager not having any work of their own to do, feeling insecure about their position as manager and having the need to demonstrate their power to their employees.

The effect of nanomanagement will be de-motivated employees, lowered morale, increased resentment and low retention
This nanomanagement is out of control I need to create a project plan just to wipe my ass and make sure my manager is there while I do it!
by AmishMafia February 15, 2010
A snow (not defined by how many inches that fall) that affects a location not necessarily capable of dealing with snow, thus causing chaos (i.e. traffic jams, school closings, etc.)
The city of Atlanta rarely gets snow but this snowmageddon is really creating issues there.
by AmishMafia February 12, 2010
A snow flurry which causes mass chaos in any part of the country not capable of dealing with any amount of snow.
The snowflurrypocalypse brought Miami traffic to its knees
by AmishMafia February 12, 2010
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