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1. A chat room on Ares, the P2P program.

2. Another name for "Come here if you suck unless your name is Amish Businessman."

3. No one likes c!au. Not even his parents.
1. Hey let's all go to Josh's Hangout Lounge! Then we can ask everyone for Teened's hashlink!

2. Hmm...According to this, I must suck. Oh wait, no I don't, I'm Amish Businessman!

3. Seriously, screw that guy.
by Amish Businessman August 05, 2007
1. (adjective):
One who is totally fucked in the skull.

2. (verb) to anally assault someone with your elbow.
1. Dude, he's just one of those baradits.

2. Out of no where she just baradited me! It felt like like a german shepherd jumped in there!
by Amish Businessman June 05, 2007

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