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A mans penis that looks like a curtain pole. Long and VERY thin! Very easy to clean = No nob cheese!! Prefible to the fat lady! Not very pleasurable!
Ha! your dick it like a curtain pole!! You must not get any sex!!
A sexual act where the man has a wank and the woman does at the same time! When they are about to climax they both swap cum and massage/rub it into each others faces.

Lucy:Do you fancy tossifying tonight?
Karl:Geeze! What is that?
Lucy:We cum in our hands and massage it into each other!
Karl: Yeah!! LETS DO IT!!

another name for a vagina!
it comes from the noo noo hoover in teletubies that makes a 'SHLURRR' noise.
Oh my god my noo noo hurts!!
What is a noo noo?
GOD its my VAGINA!
oh now i see!

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