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The last great president of the United States, a Man of the people, great speaker. He was a very noble man, who gave his life for the good of the average American citizen. Although it did no good, as the corruption of our government reaches to far for one man to reach. Here he warns of Secert Government Society. www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvaZ9pXvYTg

The President was trying to inform the American people about the deceit and lies behind the Illuminati infiltration of the U.S. Government. He made steps to dismantle the CIA , to pull our troops out of bloody affairs. This didn't please the Global Elite, he was soon killed by a "Lone Gunman".

The Global Elite killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy after he made steps to alert to masses to there presence , murder , and propaganda. He made steps to dismantle the CIA and other organizations that do the work of the Illuminati and there supporters in the U.S. government.
by American Citizen #014256 January 12, 2007

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