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Bumfuck town in Northern Virginia where people like to travel from ridiculous distances to look at leaves and whose natives will NEVER LEAVE, and if they do, they always come back. Known for it's lack of anything to do, it's dumb assed rednecks, and FAR to many cops. A chick gets pulled over for speeding and suddenly there are five cops on the scene. Wtf? Also known for it's strange hangout spots. Mainstreet, 6th Street 7-11, and anywhere were there is either weed or alcohol.
Front Royal, Va? Where the fuck is that?
by Ameh Butterfly Girl June 20, 2008
A cool bunch of German descendant boat builders!
You know them Cogars?

Yeah, man. They're Grrrrrrrrreat!
by Ameh Butterfly Girl June 20, 2008

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