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This term is referred to someone who is really over-weight, really ugly and lies a lot. These people are so fat that they have their own solar system. They are ugly enough to make a person blind by just staring at them. People usually make generous offerings of food to these people because they are scared that if they get on the auto_freak's bad side, he will sit on them. auto_freaks are also known to be bullshiters. It is said that every one out of two things an auto_freak say is a lie. It is advised by the Ministry of Health to always keep a 10 meter distance from these people, as their farts (usually a wet fart) are known to be poisonous. If you are near an auto_freak and smell fart, go to your nearest emergency clinic as soon as possible.
ladysman23: what a FREAK!
auto_freak: not just any freak...an AUTO_FREAK...
by Ambreen Chowdhury June 17, 2008

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