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a large quantity of stupid, asinine behavior; typically referring to a group of people exhibiting poor judgment.
On a rainy morning in San Diego, my friend commented to me, "These people don't know how to drive! There sure is a lot of jackassery going on around here."
by Amaya Becvar August 05, 2006
(n.) A portmanteau word referring to a youthful, feminine, playful quality or style, i.e. 'girly glamour.' Also referring to the powerful bond that exists between girlfriends, esp. when adorning themselves with sparkles, glitter, frills, and other playful fashions, i.e. 'girly amour.'
Amaya and Halo eminated girlyamour as they danced around each other with rainbow-colored silk flags.
by Amaya Becvar October 02, 2006

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