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The only country in the world which doesnt have any laws governing the use of Cannabis.

*Somewhere in some little bangladesh village
Raja: Yo man this spliff is a fooking blast!
Ali Saddat: I told you so. Aww shit here comes the cops
*Cop rickshaw pulls up*
Cop: You smoking gangja there son?!
Ali Saddat: No sir we are just...
Raja: Fuck yeah officer, this is the shit! You want a rasta blasta?
Cop: Go on boy! Spark me up!
by Amar Bogalampa March 30, 2008
an attractive female of mixed racial background (usually of Black and White descent).
"Guess who's back in my motherfuckin' house, half black half white chick I call her Minnie Mouse"

Lyrics taken from Jay-z "Fuck All Nite"
by Amar Bogalampa August 30, 2008

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