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A modern diet followed by people who, for various reasons, don't eat animals. Eating animals used to be necessary in the stone age, but we now have the knowledge and resources to follow a healthy vegan diet. Contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to follow a vegetarian diet and still consume adequate protein. Soy products and other legumes contain amounts of protein comparable to meat, and also contain less fat. Most vegetarians are thinner and healthier than people who eat meat, and live on average 7 years longer.
Who wants some yummy scorched animal muscles slathered in partially congealed cooked blood and fat?
Um, no thanks, I'm a vegetarian.
by Amanda is Naff July 09, 2003
an insanely talented genius depressed musician slash sex god
I want to have his children
by Amanda is Naff July 09, 2003
1. cool fantasy TV show about dead people and maggots and stuff
2. Boring gross job
I wanna be a CSI like on CSI! ...Ewwww
by Amanda is Naff July 09, 2003
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