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word used to define the relationship between male and female sisters
Jon M. and Amanda R. are pimpalicious sisters.
by amanda December 11, 2004
a code word for having sex
man.. me and my boy had fruit loops for dinner last night.. and dessert
by amanda June 01, 2004
A girl who's family has at least 2.5 million dollars in their pockets and always wears polo shirts by Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilphiger, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Burberry scarves, etc... A prep is always well groomed and wears Tiffany & Co. jewlery as well as REAL Louis Vuitton purses. A prep never wears fakes unless she wants to look like a goth. They might not be popular but they have gorgeous friends that are also preps and have rich families.
A prep is someone like me
by Amanda February 16, 2004
anal sex (think on the 8 as an ass & the 3 as wang)
I had 83 last night, & it hurt like hell!
by amanda June 23, 2003
Kent Island is a small island located between the Chesapeake Bay and the Chester River. It is located east of Annapolis and south east of Baltimore. Kent Island is known for its crabs and amazing people.
I live on Kent Island.
by amanda April 15, 2005
the act of rammin a banana up a pussy so hard it makes it bleed
calling the help line and asking if bleeding from your vagina because of a banana is normal
by Amanda February 10, 2005
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