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A person who beleaves in god so loyely that he/she would do any thing God told him/her and would die fighting for the beleaf of the ideas of god and would do any thing great to bring honor to them selves. and the rules of god make the samurai perfect like god told people not to kill them selves so a samurai of god can not kill them selves to restor honor to a s.o.g honor must be obtained living
A samurai of god can not kill but can wound some one if they attend to harm some one.
by Alvin Redfearn October 07, 2005
A mixture of a punk rocker and a hippie with strickined values and in denyle of the hippy style but still beliving in a hippeys consept. Hippy Punks arent as peace full but belave in peace and find disgust in capitalisim and comunisim corruption and strickt religous fenatics.
A Hippie Punk got in a fight and dint kick the other guys butt, but insted pulled a sly move and put the bully in a uncomfertable position.
by Alvin Redfearn October 07, 2005

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