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Welcome to Florida Christian School! We are non-denominational affiliated school, yet we are condescending of the Catholic church and our entire staff is Southern Baptist. Don't be fooled, we will some how take your money, one way or another. From forcing your children to walk miles in a Walk-a-thon, to, having hundreds of "No uniform days". Think we will put the money back in the school by upgrading it? You will start seeing updates about 10 years after fund raising with low quality construction and paint. Our priority is to teach the world using the Bible. By saying this, this means that if your child doesn't pass Bible class, they can not graduate from Florida Christian School. Most students who graduate, end up going to Miami-Dade, or other unknown "colleges". Every year we raise the price of tuition, but do not worry, if your family goes to the same church as Dr. Andrew, your child will be able to go to the school with no tuition fees; because people who actually pay, are paying for your child as well. Not all teachers have teaching degrees. There is a total of 4 electives to take, and low quality teaching. The children of teachers are treated as gold and get to go to the front of the lunch line while other student, who pay, have to wait in the heat to eat the low quality, D rated, cafeteria food.
I hear by oath that this information is true, as I attended this school for 10 years. Luckily, I did not graduate from here.
Student 1: "So what was for lunch?"

Student 2: "Why do you ask, its the same thing everyday"


Teacher: "The catholic church is going to hell because they added books to the bible."

Student: "Actually sir, the Baptist church was the one that took out books from the bible, because the Catholic church was the first church.."

Teacher: "get out of my classroom"

^^^^ that actually happened to me at Florida Christian School (FCS)
by Alumni Student February 01, 2011

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