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-American Rice-Rocketeer: these are young, American born Asians who drive supped-up Japanese cars with weird lights, extra gauges, custom rims, and a lowered car. They are most annoying on the freeway, where they drive in the middle lane at 60MPH and always keep a 40 car distance between themselves and the car in front of them. They also have the fascinating tendency to not base their speed off of what their speedometer says, but by who is trying to pass them. This leads to them speeding up when you approach and slowing down when you get stuck and have to slow. Sometimes, Rice-Rocketeers trade in their brethren's cars and buy BMW's. However, they still act the same way. Also, it must be noted that this particular breed of Asian Driver has the curious tendency of backing their car up into parking spaces as opposed to driving into them. This always results in about 5 re-tries that hold up other parkers waiting their turn, and also tends to lead to a poor parking job with their car twisted or crooked in the space. No known answer for this strange, seemingly detrimental ritual has yet been found.
Hey look, theres an Asian Driver with a pointlessly decked out mazda, it must belong to a Rice Rocketeer. He could prolly smoke any of us with that car!

No way man, he's going 62mph, and he's gonna keep going 62mph.

What a fricken waste of a supped up engine then!
by Alucard van der Shwei December 04, 2011
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