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Noun: derived from the Latin 'Filia Satraps' meaning simply: "Daughter of Governor".

The phrase Selby is often mistaken for a male who wears gay clothing, infact it means the complete opposite: a female with raw swagga. Selbys are also pro at art and often take photographs of the rear end of cats.

A Selby is often known for her pranking abilities, her favourite pranks include the fat from bacon being draped over certain objects, a door handle, a shoe.. a shoulder.

Selbys often have an extreme dislike for veins, spiders and damp dustsheets among other things. However a Selby often enjoys creating videos depicting herself as a disabled child or as a pro dancer/skateboarder.

Selbys are noted to have the ability to stay awake until the early hours of the day, talking to Mayells about a wide variety of subjects including hilarious facebook groups that she has discovered or new amazing tunes until her neck begins to break and her typing ability degrades to a mash of buttons.

Common names associated with Selby: Alex, Alec, Betty, Betty Swollocks, Selbs, Mary, Ash.
"Mate, I see Selby the other day laying all in these wet dustsheets, she tried to rip out and eat my veins."

"Nahhh man, you must've been shekkd to the maximum."
by Alpha Mayell April 26, 2010
Misenterpretation of 'Cream Potato'.
"Want some cream potatos sir?"
"what the fucks a grimbollato?"
by Alpha Mayell January 13, 2009

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