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4 definitions by Alligator Fuck Master

(v): to have intercourse with a mother/daughter set simultaneously.
Dude 1: But seriously, that doesn't really happen.

Dude 2: I'm here to tell you that I had Mrs. Button while daughter Button kissed my button. Burt Bacharach, just like we imagined when we were kids! High five!

*high five*
by Alligator Fuck Master December 17, 2009
In America, a townie is a person who has lived in a small town for his or her entire life. Often proud of that fact, townies take great interest in every detail of change in their home turf. Notable characteristics include: making fun of places they've never been (and probably will never go), remembering what used to be where that new building is, and getting fat after high school.
Townie: "Things haven't been the same around here since they built that hotel where the old hardware store used to be."
by Alligator Fuck Master February 17, 2008
One who habitually stays home, or in places comfortable to them. A condition often accompanied by heavy marijuana use and a pale pallor. Also described as someone with an unwillingness to show up for fun stuff.
Drummer: Oh man, we need Dylan to dial in that guitar solo! Did you call him?

Pianist: Yeah, but that home-wanker won't answer! You know he's playin' x-box or something.
by Alligator Fuck Master December 17, 2009
(n) any area with extreme sexual sensitivity. Usually the g-spot or clitoris with women; the taint, asshole or even prostate with men.
Dude 1: She is the best I have EVER had in the sack.

Dude 2: Did she work your buttons?

Dude 1: Come on man, it was our first time! Of course not!
by Alligator Fuck Master December 17, 2009