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3 definitions by AllieMentalist

Used to describe a person who is naturally muscular and buff. He also should have a really big penis but a brain of a dodo. That is all.
Yesterday, I met a Jarrod on the train. When I touched him, I was blown away.
by AllieMentalist October 26, 2010
The Law created by Eric.

His word is always final, and never wrong.

1. Eric is always correct.
2. His word is final.
3. Ming Shen is always wrong.
I just used Eric's Law on A couple of losers over there.
by AllieMentalist October 25, 2010
A person who is well-informed in the act of mocking others. He is also associated with people like Koh Ming Sheng, the original God of Mock who takes in little apprentices each year. Koh Ming Sheng is also known as the GREAT God of Mock, or GGoM. He is also known to have bipolar disorder and self denial, which also helps him to mock others.

He is seen riding the bipolar express eating hotdogs and holding his teddy bear in his old display picture on FACEBOOK.
You're a God of Mock, you mock others just like KMS!
by AllieMentalist January 20, 2011