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Soldiers of the rebel alliance, these soldiers are usually the main bulk of the army.

The blaster rifles that they carry do not differ much in the rifles of the stormtrooper, but the rebel's rifles is more accurate and and hold about 5 more laser blasts.

They carry a blaster pistol as backup of the blaster rifle, these pistols have unlimited ammo, but do overheat over the constant use of it.

In jungle settings (Endor,Yavin 4) they ususally wear jungle camoflauge(green, light brown, stuff like that). When on icy settings(Hoth, Rhenvar)they wear full white camo.
(Luke)- Omg, that bizatch stormtrooper keeps on shooting me.
(Leia)- Lmao, i am gonna go Demon-Slap that asswipe.
(Luke)- Aight, but should we use a Rebel Trooper to go whup his cracka ass?
(Leia)- Wait, those stormtroopers are honkeys?
(luke)- Are you fuckin' retarded? I meant cracka as in thier armor.
(Leia)- Oh lol 1 ams nub.
(Luke)- Wtf did you just say? Wtf language is that?
(Leia)- Haw u r uber 1337.

You heat luke's lightsaber being swung and what sounds like a head rolling on the floor.

by Allen Morla January 27, 2007

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