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3 definitions by Allen Hawkinson

Sexual slang for having sexual activity with a condom, then after ejaculation, the male gives the condom to the female who "swallows" the contents.
Mary performed a San Juan Capistrano last night after I went up Hershey Highway.
by Allen Hawkinson April 06, 2006
185 59
Refers to one about to unleash a massive gaseous ripper from his/her lower flanks that will drive everyone in the room out of the room.
I am about to commit chemical warfare in here!!!
by Allen Hawkinson April 13, 2006
11 5
First name that Austin Peay State University, of Clarksville, TN persued--- Cumberland University of Northern Tennessee.
Couldn't you see the women's basketball uniforms with C.U.N.T. written across the front?
by Allen Hawkinson May 26, 2006
99 121