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A single strand of hair from the pubic region. Characteristically curly and smelly.
MOM! There's a pube on my toothbrush again!
by Allah Pinya March 11, 2003
1. An expulsion of air from the anus, accompanied by any quantity of blood.

2. Any amount of blood forcibly expelled from the anus.
Kathy's skirt flapped wildly when she ripped a killer blood fart in the middle of third period gym class.
by Allah Pinya March 11, 2003
1. A favorite game of children of all ages.

2. A favorite game of middle-aged, single men with mustaches.

3. The act of placing or "dropping" a quarter into one's briefs to be retrieved by the child one has lured into the van.
Frank loved playing find the quarter because it gave him a serious boner to have pre-teen children with their hands inadvertantly groping his dangle.
by Allah Pinya March 11, 2003

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