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a well-known forum in the legal community, otherwise known as the sewer where the perverts and racists of xoxohth go to roost after three years of law school, resulting in broken wallets and broken dreams. most of them are either unemployed, sweating it out in unventilated document review basements, or doing toilet ID work. some appear to be dangerously close to "leaving las vegas" levels of despair. to cope, they either threaten suicide, act out their fantasies by pretending to be BIGLAW associates, or talk about scat.
i failed the bar, because i have the i.q. of a lemur, but i blame it all on affirmative action, and now i pass the time talking my inability to control my bowel movements on jdjive.

i can't get a job, so i talk about giving a dirty sanchez to my imaginary secretary on jdjive.
by All-Knowing Monkey June 20, 2006

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