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One of the best roller coasters in the world, found at Alton Towers, Staffs, UK. Although only relatively short, the full on intensity during every second of the ride makes it outclass many bigger coasters.
I went to Alton Towers over the bank holiday weekend and had to queue for two hours to ride nemesis. Damn Schoolies!
by All your base December 29, 2004
Time spent at work, whilst working in an office job, that is not actually spent working, but merely invested into giving the powers that be the illusion that you are putting in effort beyond the call of duty. This is done in order to further your career and make yourself seem more valuable than others, particulalry in a large anonymous office.
I'm only contracted to work 0900 to 17:30, but I usually arrive about 0830 and go home about 19:00. This way my boss thinks I am the hardest working person at my level. It's not fun and it sure ain't right, but the face time will pay dividends later on.
by All your base December 28, 2004
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