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2 definitions by All My Names Were Taken

- A four-legged internet "big foot" (not yet proven to exist) who is unskilled in the use of the internet, and has to have other people help him.

- A sub-beast or in some cases e-legend.
Person A: That was good, but not amazing.

Person B: Yea, it was Qu4draish.


Person A: Hey, did you hear about the guy who destroyed his computer and posted a video of it on the internet?

Person B: Yea, there are lots of these Qu4dras going around.
by All My Names Were Taken May 28, 2008
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- A name derived from the Persian Kind "Xerxes" (actually pronounced "Khashyar" in Persian) which was adapted because it sounds better.

- An intelligent and cocky person. (Also known as "beast")
Person A: Wow, there goes Jim again, showing off.
Person B: But he's a pretty smart guy, a real Xeraxes.
by All My Names Were Taken May 28, 2008
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