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3 definitions by Alistair Finch

One who is lanky and long armed enough that when walking, his knuckles drag on the ground behind him. The term is often used in referring to rednecks or big dummies.
I saw Clayton, that big ole' knuckle scraper the other day. He was wearing his union suit and overalls, looked like he was slowly making his way towards town.
by Alistair Finch July 29, 2006
A lazy person. Someone who wouldn't expend the energy to wipe the shit they stepped in off their shoes. Someone who would shit in bed and kick it out with their feet.
Bill never has any money. He doesn't work, and sits around all day watching TV and eating potato chips, he's a real shitheel.
by Alistair Finch May 28, 2006
Plainly put: A raging erection. An erection at the point when the penis cannot become any more erect.
I woke up this morning with a huge monkey fist. I could hardly get out of bed.
by Alistair Finch July 29, 2006