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The quarterback for the New Orleans Saints since 2006 who who also was quarterback for the San Diego Chargers (2001 through 2005) in what amounted to a mediocre span during his tenure with that team. The Chargers, in effect, released him after a potentially debilitating shoulder injury led to stalled and unfruitful contract negotiations. He recovered from this apparent setback to unexpectedly lead the Saints, a previously lackluster team, to the playoffs. He appears to have found his stride in New Orleans, a city that appreciates his talents and what he brought to the city post-Hurricane Katrina. He was a star quarterback at Purdue University.

He is married to Brittany, whom he has dated since his college years. Drew and Brittany have been active in both the San Diego and New Orleans communities, particularly in their efforts in post-Katrina recovery in New Orleans, through their Brees Dream Foundation, to help children affected by the hurricane.

Drew Brees is also know for his widely-admired buttocks, an object of admiration among both straight females and homosexual males (and perhaps some straight males). Straight males are mentioned because it has been said that Drew's bubble butt (round buttocks) are very feminine in appearance. He is said to have a "girl butt" or "womanly ass".
Drew Brees is an excellent, underrated quarterback.
by Alis in NO June 11, 2007

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