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- Used to describe ones state of mind.
- Can be said both in a positive or negative manner.
- One who is off-balance; so to speak.

- Used to describe someone or something that is useless or purposeless.

- In some cases it can be used to describe a person who is useless and at the sametime; mad.

**Originated in the Fylde area of Lancashire, England. Some believe Mr. M. Walolski first used it after leaving a nightclub in Blackpool.
- After a large consumption of alcohol and narcotics; one could describe themselves as being "Hat Stand" or "A Hat Stand".
- Legend has it that Mr. M. Walolski, whilst falling out of a nightclub door said, " For fucks sake, I'm a fucking Hat Stand!" Interesting as he had no hat and couldn't stand.
- "Watch out for him; he's a fucking Hat Stand! He'll kick-off if you just look at his beer"

An Ant Farm is as useless as "A Hat Stand".

George W. Bush

by Ali. P October 04, 2006

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