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1. Noun, the way a Southerner says "Iraq"
(Said to be the worst massacre of the nation's name)
Actual Pronunciation
Ir as in Irregular
Aq as in dark, that kinda a.

2. Boobies ya wanna take a look at
"Our great leader is punishing Eye Rack for 9/11 and Pearl Harbor," stated the Redneck,"Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Palestinoes, France You FUCKS are next. Add MexiRican Border attackazoids to the list.

My girlfriend, Mandy, has an eye rack that I have fun playing and sucking on and massaging. Pamela Anderson's boobs b4 they shrivel up are an Eye Rack
by Ali Bashir January 31, 2006
Quickie(n.) quick sex , a quick fuck, a quick bang job
The chick gave me quickie.

I gave her a quickie and enjoyed the sound of her moan.

Quickies are cool!
by Ali Bashir January 31, 2006
Something that a fool can't mess with
Bush proves the constitution isn't foolproof

Foolproof, eh? They'll make a better idiot Remember the first Bush?
by Ali Bashir January 31, 2006
Quickie Fast Sex Real Fast
The girl that I was afraid to ask out sneaked up behind gave me a surprise flash fuck.

Before the Ayatollahs shut down the nightclubs, many an Iranian enjoyed a flash fuck.
by Ali Bashir January 31, 2006
An attractive woman put on a propaganda news channel to attract men or lesbians into watching.
Did you see that sexy infobabe on Fox News promoting GOP-leaning propaganda?
by Ali Bashir January 31, 2006
Person who can't be left without supervision
Bush is a moron so I keep informed. Oh wait now we both have supervision over each other. Did they get google yet?
by Ali Bashir January 31, 2006
What a male sometimes gets when he sees a female that turns him on.
Male See Sexy Female He Get Erection If he has the looks she will settle him down

After my girlfriend finally laughed at one of my jokes, she gave me an erection cuz she not only laffed but laffed like hell.
by Ali Bashir January 31, 2006

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