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Describes action or situation that conflicts with logic or certain expectations.

Note: Often used in place of the word "Wrong" or the phrase "not right". However, the phrase "Fucked up" is unburdened by any idea of absolute rightness or wrongness. Whereas describing an action or situation as wrong in this manner may imply some sort of anomaly in an assumedly perfect universe, a situation described as fucked up can be viewed merely as the product of a Universe that is just fucked up in general.
"That's was wrong."
"2+2=5 is wrong. That was fucked up."

"That's fucked up."
"65 million years ago, an asteroid killed every living thing on this plante bigger than a rat, now THAT was fucked up."
by Alfred Mordeir December 24, 2006
1. Relating to an act of sexual congress which specifically includes vaginal insertion by a penis.

2. Relating to the concept that sexual relations must comply with the above in order to actually be catagorized as sex.
I've gotten head before, so I guess I'm still a virgin in the Clintonian sense.
by Alfred Mordeir March 21, 2007

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