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1 definition by Alfonsorelli Dog Fart

Located in Massachusetts, it is the greatest town EVER. Housing everything you need, including: KES, rocky nook, Biackfords, the reed, club leightons, Alfie, the tracks, silver lake, mosquito, independence mall, blade campbell, the early bird, KYSA, Clem, Alley Kat lanes, mama mia's, Scoopy's, buckskin leather vest, royal garden, Stangellini, street hockey, the drinking spot, grey's beach, the punching bag, tucson tacos, the jones river, zlogar, the jumping bridge, etc....
"When I die I want to go to Heaven."
"Heaven? Oh you must mean Kingston."
"Exactly Trizacne."
by Alfonsorelli Dog Fart April 08, 2008