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BGFEA= The Best Girlfriend Ever Award. It is awarded annually at the end of July, and this year it went to a girl named Katie, in Dalton, Georgia. It was awarded to her because her boyfriend made a poster that gave evidence of why she was in fact the BGFEA.
Boyfriend: Hey, Katie, did you know that you have been awarded the BGFEA?
Katie:Oh shit!!
by Alexander Patterson July 13, 2006
Used to name a female who, in the opinion of the user of the word, seems to be extremely attractive and pleasuring to look at.
Katie: So, Alexander, what do you think of me?
Alexander: Well, Katie, I think you're A really hot girl
Katie: Oh well thank you so much Alexander. Maybe you would enjoy making out with me.
Alexander: Well of course
by Alexander Patterson July 13, 2006
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