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verb- the act of ejecting excrement forcefully to cause toilet water and or urine to splash upward. 2:diarrhea chuncks dropping in such a way to cause matter to fly back towards ones person.3: to have taken a Slamdeuce
You go out drinking or your sick and the next morning you go to the bathroom to take a crap, and when you do, so much comes out that the water splashes back on his/her bum, rectum, balls, vagina. etc creating a Slamdeuce
by Alex wilson aka widespread April 20, 2010
noun: motorist who causes emanat danger, to ones self and others around him/her, with no regard to safety. 2verb: to drive erraticlly, or to drive like a terrorist fleeing. 3adjective: to act or to be like a vehicle-terrorist
Say your driving down the highway and you are going the speed limit, or there abouts, and in your rear view mirror you spot a vehicle-terrorist going exceedingly fast and changing lanes frequently to get around you, but for some reason or another can't, and he is "riding your ass", now as soon as he gets a chance he/she will try and slide over in front of you; being the idiot these people are they will most likely cut you off or nearly hit you.
by Alex Wilson aka widespread April 27, 2010

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