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What most people yell at there video games when the CPU seems to be cheating. This usually happens when the CPU does something no one could possibly pull off and/or is being completely unfair.
Sane Individual: How can the game be cheating at itself.
Markus: I... I don't know...
by Alex the Chao November 16, 2009
* *
This is used whenever someones wants to represent action or that there doing something in a chat. Often - - or ( ) or substituted for it. The said action is put inside the * * like so.
*action phrase*
CoolKid54: I'm so cool fo'realz *swooshes hair back with comb*
VampireGoth: -shoots you with a pistol-
Coolkid54: D: (dies)

* *
by Alex the Chao October 06, 2009
1.)Possibly the worst thing ever created by the fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. This is extremely hated by many of the fans. All logic is thrown out the door when it comes to this. Forced love relation ships between characters that normally would not have any interaction with each other are highly seen here. Often they will often insert there own fan characters in them to satisfy there own fantasy. Do us all a favor and stop making these please.

2.) Furry porn of Sonic characters.
Guy: Dude, check out this awesome Sonic porn I drew.
Me: WTF!? What's wrong with you man!?
by Alex the Chao September 27, 2009
A verb most commonly heard in online FPS (First-Person Shooters.) It is the act of stabbing another player or person with a knife and thus killing them instantly.
Guy:Damn, some noob came up behind me and knifed me.
by Alex the Chao September 05, 2009
The actually abbreviation for the year 2010 based off of the roman numerical system.
It is now year MMX or "2010."
by Alex the Chao January 01, 2010
Rumored to be one of the most powerful attacks in the world that anyone can easily learn. But do they know it? No, cause there assholes.
Bully: I'm going to kick your asses!
Geek: ...
Nerd: What the fuck do you mean you don't know hyperbeam.
by Alex the Chao October 28, 2009
The phrase uttered by small children who want to show off their so called amazing things they can do. But in reality every can do them and no one gives two shits about it.
Johnny:Hey guys! Look what I can do!
Alex: Yep that's nice Johnny.
Johnny: You aren't even looking!
Alex: Anyone seen the cooler?
Johnny: :C
by Alex the Chao October 21, 2009

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