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Oxford Concise: One who holds irrespective of reason, and attaches disproportionate weight to some creed or view. - Originated in the 16th Centuary

In other words, a bigot is someone who's intolerant and prejudice, whether it be to another person's quality (gay, jewish, foreign, etc.) or to their way of thinking.
He/she is a bigot
He/she is performing an act of bigotry
He/she bigoted
by Alex Williams February 17, 2004
i) A combination of musical melody, and sung lyrics.

Modern songs often have acompanying harmonies and complicated rhythms. Songs from longer ago are very simple in their accompaniment, and a lot don't have any.

ii) It can also mean how a man hears a woman's voice, when he is in love with her. This, however, is quite an old saying.
i) I sang a song
ii) Her song was sweet to my ears
by Alex Williams February 17, 2004

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