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The first video game console. It came out in 1972 by Magnavox, and wasn't very complex at all, it's sequel the Odyssey 2, which came out in 1978 totally ruled, then it eventually faded away as it's counterparts took the market due to the Odyssey 2's lack of 3rd party game supporters. By 1983 however, the Odyssey 2 had sold over 1,000,000 units in North America! It was called the Philips VideoPac G7000 in Europe, and in Brazil, it was called the "Odyssey" because the first Odyssey was never introduced there. It was a very good system at the time. It features many new games, as well as "rip-off's" of more popular games such as Pac-man, and Space Invaders. Odyssey 2 systems were the first device to use the first Intel processor, the Intel 8048 cpu. Making it a marvel in the computer world as well as the video game market and collectors. The system is somewhat rare now. Over-all, the Odyssey in my view, is one of the coolest "retro" game systems ever!

kid 1: "Hey, lets play my Odyssey 2!"
kid 2: "Ok, just let me pick up a K.C. Munchkin cartidge first!"

Son: "I got my Xbox 360, I have played it for about 2 days!"
Dad: "I got my Magnavox Odyssey 2, I have played it for almost 30 years!"

Me: "I picked up a gold plated "F-male to Coax Adapter" to hook up my killer-cool old Odyssey 2 to my new killer-cool huge HD TV!!!
by Alex Sweers May 28, 2006

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