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hell on earth. u learn a lot from it tho...IF u make it out alive.

u wont pass 1 test w/o studying 4 hours for it the nite before (4 hours meaning u just passed with a D) let me play it out for y'all:

1 hour - u gotta be kiddin me
2 hours - screwed
3 hours - haha good luck
4 hours - passing with a D...a very low D
5 hours - high D
6 hours - low C
7 hours - mid C
8 hours - high C
9 hours - low B
10 hours - lower-mid B
11 hours - mid B
12 hours - mid-upper B
13 hours - high B
14 hours - high B
15 hours - high B
16 hours - high B
.............yea, there is no way u can get an A

if u r currently enrolled or just signed up for this class...

good luck.

i learned all about the political, social, economical, and other factors that influenced the european culture from the renaissance all the way to 2006 over the course of 1 year in an ap european history class... unfortunately im half the person i was wen i walked in the class the 1st day...because i tryed to comit suicide so many times.
by Alex Kayne September 16, 2006

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