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Border Collie.
A medium-sized (average 45 lbs.) dog developed over many years in Scotland for herding sheep. Widely recognized as the most intelligent of dog breeds, Border Collies excel as working dogs, but also dominate in sporting competitions like agility, flyball and frisbee.

Border Collies are typically black and white, but many colors and combinations exist. A BC may have a long (rough) coat, or a short (smooth) coat. Appearance is secondary to intelligence, temperament and working ability in determining if a dog is a "real" Border Collie.

(BCs have recently been inducted into the American Kennel Club for conformation showing. Many BC lovers oppose this because Border Collies have traditionally been bred for working ability with little regard for their appearance. BC advocates fear the breed will lose its working ability and intelligence if bred primarily for appearance.)
Jock, herding the kids around the living room table, is the quintessential BC!
by Alex J. Todd October 05, 2005
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