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The act of a young woman, often between the ages of 7 and 14, who clowns an older man's meat cleavage. She employs the use of her solid fist and uses a punching motion.

Comes from the Greek word for love.
Betty-Lou was on her way home from school one afternoon when I approached her in my car. "Care to manipulate my penis, badger?" I called out. "Nigga, please." She responsed, as she manipulated my penis.
by Alex Garcia January 26, 2005
noun; rythmical/mystical chant innately inherited by those of African ancestory. Typically used to induce within a person a state of hypnosis or paralysis.
...bukulockajeekeelocka...you will obey the divine will for I am the Shaman!"
by Alex Garcia November 20, 2003
Laughing In Silence or the opposite of laughing out loud.
Silkyass65: ur a major fruity tutti dipshit ass-licking jackass

Pandaballdude: Lis
by Alex Garcia March 19, 2005

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