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kane584, a notorious internet screenname that dates back to 2003. He destroys, deletes users, uses DDOS attacks to take out sites and uses exploits. Known to take down hundreds of websites. Once he attacks, he does not leave, untill the webiste is finished or nothing is left of it. This user, usually joins a social networking website, or forum, under the screennames of "kane584" or other alias's such as, boogyman584, xrt584, or mango584. He spends usually never uploads pictures, if he does, it usually is pictures of man with long hair and mask or pictures of the boogyman. The name is possibly derived from the text "kane" as in the masked wwf/wwe superstar for his evilness and sheer power. The number 584 stand unknown, possibly to give him a unique id on the internet.

Warning: If the numbers "584" appear on your forum as a registered user, it is wise that you immediatly IP ban this user.
"kane584 is faggot kid, only if he used his knowledge to do something constructive. This kid needs to be locked up and put away from society"

"heads up for a a malicious user, kane###. Uses DDOS attacks to take down entire server networks."
by Alex Fraser January 20, 2008

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