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What you get when u cross a chav and a car. Also known as bazza boys.

Thier cars usally a small peagout or VW Golf which has been 'bazzed up' with crappy bodykit, rims, massive exhausts and huge sub woofers which you can hear streets away from thier car. They wear chavvy clothes (they are chavs) and fake burrberry hats etc.

They drive recklessly with no concern for other life or thier own, only 'lookin' cool infront of the lads'. They are usually under the influence of alcohol. Usually seen racing and skidding around, pumping out thier music as loud as they can.
Barry boy: (barely heard above his massive sound system) Look at me, I can do the most amazing skid!!! *crashes and dies*

Me: What a wanker.
by Alex Forrest August 27, 2006

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