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Shawn Michaels is arguably the best, greatest wrestler in the WORLD! That can easily be backed up. He wins most of his matches. He is the showstopper! Bam, sweet chin music and 1,2,3! Ding ding ding! The showstopper wins! If anyone does not like him as a very good and talented wrestler then they should start by getting a life! Shawn deserves to be the WWE champion! He IS the most respected wrestler in the WWE!
ME: Hey Dad, look, it's Shawn Michaels! This is an opportunity of a life time!

Dad: It certainly is! And look, there's the super-gay, Randy Orton.

ME: Hey, gay! Shawn Michaels is gonna beat your sorry ass!

Randy Orton: Oh no he wont!

Shawn Michaels: Oh yes I will!

Randy Orton: I'll just RKO you!

Shawn Michaels: You couldn't RKO a dead fly!

Randy Orton: Oh yes I could!

Shawn Michaels: Do it then.

Randy Orton: I can't!
by Alex C Brown February 29, 2008
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