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3 definitions by Alex C

Surprisingly unamusing alternative to 'scooter' or 'moped' - a combination of the two, often used by rich, moped-riding chavs.
"Yo man, nuffink like a scooterped, bet it's rapid"
by Alex C January 20, 2005
1 1
Bang a girl in the ass, then jizz in her ass, afterwards get a plunger and plunge the jizz out of her ass.
Damn I plunged out about a pint of jizz after I fucked her.
by Alex C May 22, 2003
2 17
An internet virus that attacks chat rooms and football forums at large. The virus is developed to never leave its designated forum - bombarding it with relentless posts.
"Oh no, there's a winnits in our chat room"
by Alex C January 05, 2004
16 36