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1) A vague 'insult' used by the execs at Ebaum's World in a lousily written "Cease and Desist" letter to YTMND. It could be anything; from slander, to an ethnic slur, a Mario Kart race, an actual cup, an old german expression, a hat, etc.

2) A band from Ohio. They mainly play instrumental music, and feature such great songs as: "Bay mir bistu sheyn" and "Vu bistu geveyzn far prohibition?". Its composed of:

Bert Stratton: clarinet, and harmonica
Irwin Weinberger: vocals, guitar, and mandolin
Steve Greenman: violin
Walt Mahovlich: accordion
Alan Douglass: accoustic bass, piano, cello, and backup vocals
Craig Woodson: drums, and percussion
1) Ceast and Desist LOL, BTW - a11 your3 yiddi$h cuP r belong 2 us!!1!

2) I went to a Yiddish Cup concert back in june of '96; they were awesome!
by Alex Bee January 12, 2006

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