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Goths stand for everything that is not prep, we stand for death, we stand for hate, we stand for the darkness in life and we live to make that darkness overwhelm everything and everyone while preps stand for the blissful ignorance in life, blind content and stupidly believing every thing will be alright. Us goths dont nessacarily hate preps we just hate their ignorance and how much crap they start. preps hate how different we are, to them we are an imperfection in their seemingly perfect ignorant life and they hate how we make them think about life, how we actually make them think, "why do they do the things they do? is there something about all this that i'm missing?". Us goths simply seek to tear down your life and make you see life isnt a happy little playground where ocasionally you might get a scraped knee, we want you to know death is everywhere and your not immune to it, in fact your even more susceptible to it. goths enjoy darkness and everything evil. we wear black because we simply want to wear black. We dont fear death and that makes us stronger. we dont squirm away from a challenge, we look at it and think "what is the best way to solve my problem?". we, goths, are everything and nothing.
Prep:Why are you so evil?

Goth: i'm not nessacarily evil, i'm the endless amount of tortured souls. i represent destruction, hate and everything that comes with it.

Prep: (freaked out) ..what do you mean?

Goth: Hahaha have you ever wondered why?

Prep: why what?

Goth: no, just why...

Prep: i dont understand

Goth: yes you do. you just refuse to see it...(walks away)

Prep: (stands there shaking, trying to forget what had just happened in hopes that he can go on with his ignorance in peace)
by Alex AKA Azagroth February 03, 2007

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