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a $200 tight jeans wearing, Vintage Nike dunks loving Dork, who only listens to Vice magazine approved "underground" bands that he's told to think is cool. A hipster douche can often times be found wearing his little sisters T-shirts and watching DVD's of The O.C, cause its "IRONIC" (Also known as an HD)
(GUY) - so what are you up to this weekend

(HD) - uuuggghhh, well i just picked up the season 3 box set of the O.C. , so I'll probably watch that with my girl, than check out the catpower show, theyre awesome!

(GUY) - Oh catpower?, what do they sound like

(HD) - don't know never heard them but they got a 7 out of 10 in VIce

(GUY)- Man, what a hipster douche
by Alec sparx December 10, 2006

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