16 definitions by Alanax0rz

Used by illiterate people who type too fast, have cobwebs on their delete key, and smash their head on the keyboard in order to form coherant sentences, lzolz is much like lolz, which is a form of lol, which stands for laughing out loud.
omgogogmgogoggkso i was lieke tolaltlyl shopoplifitign otday!!1111121 lzozlz omfgmzz i am os ocoll!111
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
1337 for TIT.
50 1 84N9x0r3d 7h15 CH1x0rZ 14z7 N19H7, d00dx0rz h3|2 717z w3|23 90|)1Y!!!!
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
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