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At Queen's university in Kingston Ontario, the engineering jackets are called GPA's. This stands for Golden Party Armour. Their traditions involve dying the jackets purple and slamming them on the ground in front of cars. All this must be done while very drunk.
Man, those engineers are so cool. Look at their beautiful purple GPA's. I wish I was smart enough to be an engineer.
by Alan Partington March 23, 2004
In many online games, players manage countries. Examples: Monarchy, Utopia, Earth 2025. One way to aquire land is to attack a random opponent, taking some of their land. An attack with the purpose of land conquest is a landgrab.
Dammit! While I was away, Lord Wootsayediditagyn attacked me with a land grab, stealing 50 acres!
by Alan Partington March 23, 2004
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