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1 definition by Alan Gamboa

Fauxhemian, or fauxbo, refers to wealthy people and places that carry a pretense of artistic sophistication. Fauxhemians think they are artsy, when really they are more fartsy, as their great wealth and comfortable lifestyles keep them from authentic expression, familiarity with the street, and any real impetus to truly oppose the system (since they still benefit too much from it).
Hipster #1-"Shopping at Whole Foods does not make you an intellectual. There isn't even a decent music venue in this town."
Hipster #2-"Yeah, Pasadena is so fucking fauxhemian."
Hipster #1-"Yeah, let's go to Glendale, that's where the REAL revolution is gonna take place."
Hipster #2-"Fuck yeah, Glendale is indie-tastic!"
by Alan Gamboa April 16, 2006
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