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An Island with 90% of its populations are Hindus, and currently being mistaken by the world as a tourist killing field because of those fucking islamic terrorist who think they can rule the world and those fucking islamic indonesian government (and lots of Indonesian Moslem's too!)who tried to eradicate Hindus along with the Balinese since 1952 by issuing so many idiotic laws ranging from the banning of Hindus back in 1952 until the latest the Anti Porn act which will force the Hindus, the Balinese, and everyone in Indonesia despite of their race, religions, or beliefs to wear those cloth that cover your entire body like what you see in Iraq. Not only that, those fucking islam sees this as an opportunity to start another war in the name of their god and for the sake of morality to eradicate the Balinese(what kind of morality do you expect asshole???).

About the Anti Porn Act (or should I say the "we determine how you dress, how you live, what you see, what you think, and what you believe act"), is nothing but a violation of civil rights and strongly against the concept of Unity in Diversity (the Indonesia's concept, have been carried since it's independence, but have never been applied by the government who just keep thinking fucking islam is the best)

The Island of Bali and the Balinese itself have been exploited by the fucking government since the birth of the nation. The government keep taking their wealth via taxes and so on, but never give any real contributions or pay any attention to the condition of the island.

In almost every Indonesian internet forum, you can always find some people who keep discussing about the eradication of Balinese just because they're Hindus.

The last threat given by those fucking islam organization was they're threatening the Balinese by saying they'll cut off the power supply to Bali via the ocean if the Balinese still doesn't accept the Anti Porn Law.

Remember back in 60's when almost half of the US are racist? Remember the KKK?
Today the indonesian islam are doing the same to the Balinese. If you're Balinese, and you work in Java-the mainland of indonesia (or other place in Indonesia with high population of islam), don't expect better place or condition than the islams.

The conclusion is:

Bali, suffering from the Indonesian Government.

Indonesia, managed and operated by idiots behind the government.

<i>you can comment anything you like, but that's the condition out there, seeing is believing, I've been traveling around that nation and this is the fact I've found about Bali</i>
(one of my moslem friend said this)
Balinese are demons because they pray to the temple and eats pork beside other kind of foods, and because they has many gods.

(said in 1952 by the ministry of religions and believes, and the same thing goes for Buddhist and Indonesian Chinese too)
We can't accept the Balinese Hindus as appropriate religion because they are inappropriate in their way of praying, unlike the islam and the christian.

(was said by one of those islam organization)
We'll cut off the power supply if those demons (the Balinese) still refuses the Anti Porn Act!!
by Alabaster Flyer January 14, 2009
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