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1. Unmistakable vehicle of ominous size in which you are watched and monitored for the entire ride.

2. Cramped space that smells like shit where you are forced to be as a mode of transportation to hell.

3. Fastest and easiest way to lower self esteem and be judged, where you will find the crappiest way to die because of reckless half asleep bus drivers and idiots that should wear potential fire hazard signs! A fun educational experience that is always an hour or five late or early!
In the bus the boy threw a water bottle from across the bus at your head!

The windows were closed in late june!

You sat on the aisle, and got your stuff thrown out the window, he made you trip on the way out on purpose!

The school bus passed your stop and never turned back, the next day it was half an hour late and the last day it was so early it didn't come at all!
by Aislyn Demure April 05, 2011

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