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A fun game... until you discover airsoft. If you prefer a game that uses inaccurate guns, requires you to lug around a dinky looking hopper and consists of fags who dress up in blue suits, you should stick with paintball. If you prefer a game that uses guns with 3-inch groupings, requires an ounce of skill, and makes you a total badass, you should play airsoft. Also, if you are too much of a pussy to suck up the pain of airsoft, or if you are irresponsible enough to play airsoft in a public park and run the risk of being shot at by cops, you should stick with paintball. If you are a man, and and are smart enough to keep replica guns out of view except when on private property, then you should airsoft.
I used to play paintball, but then I realized it was lame, so I became an airsofter.
by Airsoft > Paintball September 06, 2005
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