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A combination of wookie (ie dreadlocked neo-hippie) and gangsta commonly found at disco biscuits concerts. Usually under the influence of and/or selling various pychotropic substances, in particular MDMA (molly, rolls, etc) or LSD (doses, L, acid, liquid, etc). These people can usually be identified through their pungent odor, lack of employment, extremely dilated pupils, obscure and irreverent comments in an attempt to start conversation, and silly costumes that simply dont make any sense. Do not buy drugs from any dirty biscotti, as they are not truly hippies, and are probably trying to rip you off.
"Did you see that dirty biscotti who was naked, puking off the roof of his van in the lot after the bisco show? Apparently he got tazed by the 5-0!"

"Yeah, that ass clown sold me some bunk molly, i couldnt even get my groove on to the heady UNTZ"
by Aidan and Willcox February 21, 2008

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